3 June 2022

Olivaloe Natural Cosmetics. Organic Olive Oil & Organic Aloe Vera. A Unique combination for your skin

There are many olive oil cosmetics in the market especially in the Mediterranean region as well as aloe vera beauty products due to the moisturising effects of both ingredients. The combination however of both as organically cultivated ingredients, tends to be unique especially in a so wide range of beauty care product.

But let’s take a closer look to the individual cosmetic properties of the ingredients of our combination.

Organic olive oil, apart of being a top quality nutritional supplement, nourishes and protects the skin while offering a soft and supple sensation. Rich in vitamin A, E and polyphenols, offers a unique antioxidant combination of ingredients that eliminates free radicals. Thus it prevents the accumulated damage generated in the cell membranes over the time. Furthermore it prevents dehydration of the skin when this is exposed to warm summer?s sunlight.

As a hair care ingredient, nourishes and strengthens fragile hair while offering a silky touch and smoothing any roughness.

Organic aloe vera on the other side penetrates and deeply hydrates the skin, while stimulating the collagen synthesis. It has a high anti-aging action that revitilises the skin while increasing its elasticity. It possesses extremely softening properties offering a pleasant sense to anyone that suffers from a sensitive or irritated skin. Apart from significantly hydrating it further supports the skin to maintain its moisture preventing this way any unexpected skin peeling.

As a hair care ingredient, balances the natural moisture of your hair while restoring any dehydration caused by external physical conditions such as sunlight or seawater.