3 June 2022

Face cream. Oily, normal or dry skin?

The selection of the proper face cream has always been a difficult choice, especially when this selection considers somebody else. This more often has as a result to classify the face cream in general more as a personal item.

It wouldn’t be that hard though to generally tell what our skin type is, something that would allow us to choose the appropriate type of cream that suits us. On the other hand If we want to be more precise it would be better if we visited a specialist such as a beauty therapist that would exactly tell us the condition of our skin, with the help of an electronic optical microscope.

Empirically though, classifying the skin into oily, normal and dry to dehydrated and without excluding any mixed types that can be usually found, we will identify oily skin with younger ages, where shiny skin is often accompanied by spots appearance. In such a case a face cream for oily skin would be the ideal choice.  In the same direction a clean and smooth young complexion, allow us to consider it as a normal complexion. In other words if you’re 27 and your skin looks absolutely perfect while the following decade seems ages away… grab one face cream for normal skin and we can speak again in a few years time….

On the other hand, dry skin is easy to be observed from the apparent dehydration which is also usually accompanied with the appearance of some fine wrinkles. The beauticians however recommend that any complexion over 35, should be treated as dry to dehydrated complexion due to the ingredients that are being wasted by the wear of time, as for example the collagen. And as no creams recognise your age as most companies would fancy to, face cream for dry to dehydrated skin, as the years go by, will meet your needs.

Finally it is quite common that our skin type changes according to the time of the year due to heavy weather conditions and its variations. Therefore do not hesitate to change your face cream for normal skin to a dry one during the cold winter and the same if you visit the Mediterranean during the hot summer.