3 June 2022

Peeling & Body Butter. Prepare your skin for a deep & healthy Sun Tan

Summer is coming and all of us, sooner or later, will rush to the beach, trying to get the most out of the summer sun. This includes a bright, glowing suntan and admit it or not, most of us are sunbathing freaks seeking for this lovely bright colour that help us look thinner, different, more attractive in general. Scars seem to disappear, while at same time colourful summer outfits look even brighter.

But what is the right way to get a proper and healthier suntan? How can this tan last longer so that we can wear our favorite outfits also in September when the sun has gone? Here are some beauty tips further than the ordinary dietary models of A, C, E and B carotene nutritional supplements.

Most important thing for a proper healthy tan is to have a well hydrated, moisturised skin. This will allow a gradual production of melanin the result of which is the desired darken colour. The more gradual this production is, the longer the suntan lasts. This is considered at the same time a proper and healthy reaction. On the other side a rapid exposure under the sun of a dry or dehydrated skin will probably result to a sunburn or in other words, on a damaged skin the appearance of it apart from the well known harmful issues being admittedly regarded as something unaesthetic. In addition to this it will be hard in the sequence to turn the burnt skin into a proper tan.

But what is the best way to moisturise and hydrate our skin before we expose ourselves to the sun? Easily I will say at home, when having a shower simply use a face and body scrub. This will allow the dead cells that actually do not produce any melanin to be removed. The fresh revitalized skin will be ready after this for sun exposure followed by a proper, homogeneous tan.

For the best results a proper hydration of your skin with a help of a good quality body butter is highly recommended to follow. The body butter together with the peeling process will not only hydrate your skin better than average body milk but will also help you clean and detoxify your body deeper. A well moistrurised and detoxified body will create more melanin as it allows the whole mechanism to operate even better.

The whole peeling application process followed by a body butter hydration is strongly advised the night before exposing yourself to the sun. Twice a week for the peeling is fair enough while for keeping your skin moisturised, if it is already well hydrated, a body milk or a body lotion will also do the job. And of course don?t forget the face. A daily treatment for the face skin which is far more sensitive is strongly advised, especially in the summer. Therefore a face cream with highly hydrating factors is once again recommended.

Essential at the same time is the treatment of your skin after sun exposure, as the melanin production doesn?t stop there. Again you should keep your skin hydrated and moisturised either with your body lotion or your body butter. Thus your skin will look fresh and soft. Once again in the unlikely event of an unpleasant sunburn don?t forget the soothing hydrating properties of the aloe vera gel. Maybe this should be the first line treatment as soon as your sunbathing is over.

Well! We wish you good lack and don?t forget?. to get the most out of the solar energy, you don?t have to be sunbathing still like an ancient greek or roman statue. Keep moving is said to offer better results so beach volley, rackets, swimming and water-sports probably make the sunbathing process even more exciting? !!!