Loyalty System

What is Loyalty System;

Loyalty service is a way to reward your loyalty to natural nourishment through purchases made at Olivealoe.com. Every purchase matters.
1€= 1 olive point
The more you spend, the more bonus points you collect.

How can I join Olivealoe’s Loyalty service?

It could not be easier. Just subscribe at Olivealoe.com and you will automatically activate the Loyalty service.

How do I harvest bonus olives & what do I earn?

At every purchase made at Olivealoe.com you collect bonus olive points!
1€ = 1 olive point

  • Harvest 400 olives and you will be sent a 10€ Silver Gift card.
  • Harvest 1000 olives and you will be sent a 30€ Gold Gift card.
  • By harvesting 2000 olives you will be offered a 10% discount redeemable at every purchase made from that point onwards.

How can i see my olive points?

Once you log in your account you will be able to keep track of your olives by selecting the “MY OLIVES” tab on the menu.

How do I redeem my olive points?

Once you have reached the required bonus points total, you will be sent an e-mail with the equivalent Gift card or discount. Before you checkout, add your code in the box marked ‘Got a discount code? Enter it here’ on your basket page. Clicking ‘Use Code’ will apply the discount code. Your purchase should be equal or higher to the coupon or gift card redeemed in order to continue with your payment methods (Credit card, Paypal, cash on delivery.)

Can I redeem my Gift card at the same purchase?

No, this can be done at your next purchase.

Can I use my Gift card on shipping expenses?

No, Gift cards can only be redeemed against a purchase and cannot be used to cover shipping costs.

Do I get bonus points at the same purchase that I have redeemed a gift card?

You earn new points on checking out and once you have completed your purchase using one of the required paying methods.

Do I get a physical card?

No. Gift cards are valid when purchasing products at Olivealoe.com.

When do bonus points appear on my account?

Bonus points earned are visible to you once you have completed your purchase.