3 June 2022

Face Cleansing and de-makeup products. Deep Cleansing Liquid Soap, Cleansing Milk & Tonic Lotion. How to use them…

There is often confusion in choosing the right cleansing product especially when it comes to chose between a deep cleansing liquid soap and a cleansing milk. Another thing that does not seem to be very clear is the proper use of a tonic lotion and all this at the time when the everyday de-makeup process tends to be something more than a necessity.

To make the long story short both a deep cleansing liquid soap and a cleansing milk is suitable for de-makeup or if we want to use the French term demaquillage, with the liquid soap being the right choice for an oily skin while the cleansing milk the first selection for a dry skin without saying that the liquid soap wouldn?t do the job in this case as well.

On the other side a good quality deep cleansing liquid soap means to balance skins oiliness, removing any smegma possibly remaining on your complexion. In the case of a dry skin there is always the chance that a liquid soap might smoothly and additionally dehydrate it but this seems to be of minor importance if we are going to use our face moisturising cream in the sequence. 
Concerning the tonic lotion now, we will not hesitate to mention that it is almost mandatory to be used, after using cleansing milk, preferably with the help of a cotton pad. Beauty therapist say that using a cleansing milk not being removed by a tonic lotion, is like washing our hands, without rinsing them off. In other words cleansing milk and tonic lotion always go together without saying that a liquid soap cannot follow after.

Essential therefore is a tonic lotion after using cleansing milk, optional if we use a deep cleansing liquid soap, while it can always be applied on its own prior our face cream moisturiser. A good quality tonic lotion will refresh and stimulate your complexion working on its own way in addition to your face cream to eliminate any fine lines.